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fatmummyslimHello, and thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Jo, and I am a mum of two. Fat Mummy Slim is my lifestyle blog which focuses mainly on weight loss and parenting – I figured I should somehow record what happens during my kids’ early years, as I’ll probably still be too traumatised to talk about it in the future.

The weight loss side – five years ago I was a fairly slim, confident career girl. Now, I’m a frumpy overweight mum who tends to wee when I sneeze. My two amazing children are both very young and brought along an extra 3 stone between them. OK, maybe I had something to do with it too…

Obviously they are worth every pound, but loss of the baby weight is on my never-ending and very full ‘To Do’ list. But what is the best way to go about it? I’ve been a serial yo-yo dieter all my life, always looking for the best way to shed unwanted pounds, so I’ve tried most of the clubs, fads, books, DVDs, etc. If I ever find something that works (by that I mean, that I can stick to), I’ll let you know.

I will also share my musings and research into anything and everything relating to parenting – clothes, toys, food, discipline methods, government incentives – the list is endless.

I am also passionate about IVF and infertility. Both of my children were conceived through treatment. While it is safe to say the memory of the heartache and loneliness has diminished since my children arrived, I still remember what it is like and know that thousands of men and women unfortunately struggle with it daily. Thankfully, medical research is progressing constantly and the amount of people able to make their dreams of parenthood a reality, is increasing every year.

Happy reading x

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Read the article about you in Thursdays Daily Mail. Just thought I’d say hello and just offer some encouragement to your quest to loose weight. From details in the article and this blog it sounds like you had troubles like my wife and I had. We were told we could never have children and now have energetic 3 and 8 year old girls. We both have medical probs that mean weight gain is just easy. No matter how much or little, no matter how calorific or not we have yo yo weight troubles. From Jan 2011 to now I lost 4 stone then 1.5 has crept back on. Can’t get past the 17 stone mark. The joys of hypopituitaryism! I feel that you need -like us- to focus on the important things. In this false, image obsessed world loving your self and your kids is all that matters. I recently qualified as a teacher (July 13) and even in my short time as a teacher, the number of hurt teens I’ve come across because of the way the world is is amazing. Taking time to reassure them that being a supermodel is not really what life is all about has helped quite a few and taken away suicidal ideas just because of a supposed inappropriate body shape. Enjoy your life, be the best you can for your kids regardless of body shape. Those that matter the most don’t care! took me a while to realise this. My 8 year old told me a story of her school mates discussing ‘Daddies’. Several kids claimed they thought their dads were great but lamented that they were fat or like Daddy Pig from Peppa Pig cartoons. My daughter then closed the chat with quite a bombshell for her mates.She said that her mums friend has two kids, that both are jealous of my daughter because they don’t have a dad. Both kids didn’t care that I’m a big fella (my daughter asked them this) because I gave them time and attention, something they’ve never had. Now despite the jibes from friends and others at school my daughter loves her big daddy. I hope you now feel a little better about things.
    Matthew J. Bradley, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

    • Wow, those are very powerful words. You are absolutely right, we don’t focus on the important things often enough. I have very slim friends who are facing a childless future, I know I’m very very lucky. Thank you, and well done on all your amazing achievements x

  2. I’ve been living in Australia since Feb 2013 and am due home in May. My friend came over in September with the Daily Mail which I’ve just dug out again as I hadn’t finished it. I’ll pass on to my friend. Old news? I’m not bothered the articles are great. Yours started me off laughing and then made me feel sad. I’ve been in a similar situation in a way. I’m a 10/12 but I’m only 5ft 3″ so I should be slimmer and my old and very lovely dresses don’t fit any more. Being gorgeous (the dresses) I can’t bear to get rid of them. Anyway, I found myself although very fit, needing a hip replacement and from having the arthroscopy in June 2012 I was left with a bad limp. Honestly people do view you negatively. Australians are quite forward and straight away they were saying “why are you walking like that” or “what’ve you done to your knee, foot or whatever” one or two even mimicked the way I walked which naffed me off completely. Still that’s WA for you.
    The bedroom thing struck a cord with me. It’s not very sexy hearing the bones grinding and cracking on the left hip. Also saying “careful of the hip” and struggling to be a bit raunchy when you can’t actually manage it. It now 17 days since I had a total hip replacement and I’m pushing myself to walk every day and exercise in the pool. Can I say the weight is very slowly coming down, only a few pounds but great! If you have access to a pool just get in and walk up and down, backwards, sideways, running on the spot, you can have a little swim too if you like but it’s the pool jogging that is the best. There is no strain on your body and twisty jumps to a song in your head is actually ok.
    Also don’t buy the biscuits, get a bar of dark chocolate in the fridge and have a few pieces instead. If you make extra, before you sit down to eat, get it into containers to have another time. I also find not plating up the food is better. Just putting smaller amounts on the plate and then helping yourself again works well. You don’t tend to stuff yourself. Do not diet it is misery for the soul and doesn’t work longterm. Please never, ever, buy diet drinks they mess with your insulin levels and saccharine makes you crave sweet stuff. Ordinary sugar is better.
    You have a very beautiful face and that is what your husband sees when you are making love.

    • Thank you so much for this lovely comment and your great advice! You’re right about everything, especially diet drinks – I ditched them completely for a while but they’re are sneaking back in and I forgot how bloated they make me, and also make me crave sweet things. They are going again. The biscuits are hard not to buy, as I have children and they have friends who often come round at short notice, so I feel I need to have treats in the house for them, I wish I didn’t! Thanks again, and best of luck for your op recovery, hope the new hip serves you well x

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