Why mums should go to Morrisons

MORR-320-Week14_heroJust before the recent Bank Holiday weekend, I was lucky enough to be selected as a ‘Morrisons Mum’. Morrisons made the headlines on May 1st as they have just lowered a large number of their prices, for good. The new, cheaper Morrisons has cut prices over 1,200 own-branded and branded products, averaging a 17% cut in prices, and pledged to keep them low. No faddy offers, proper long-term lower prices that suit a family budget.

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A belated Happy New Year x

New Year New You

New Year New You

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope you all had a good Christmas and saw out 2013 in style. I’ve been a bit absent from the blogging scene due to the busy nature of the festive period, plus a personal crisis thrown in for good measure. But it’s good to return, writing is great therapy, even if it’s just to tell you about starting yet another diet – new year new me and all that…

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My progress – weeks 22-25

photoWell it’s been a while since posting my progress, for a number of reasons. I’m continuing (ish) with the Harcombe Diet, the scales are going in the right direction but have certainly slowed down. Click here to see my progress

So 2 stone by Christmas (2.5 stone in total) is out, but if I lose another 5 pounds that’ll be 1 stone by Christmas (1.5 stone total), so that’s my new goal. Which will most probably go back on within 24 hours over Christmas but hey, I need a goal for 2014, right?!

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Product review: Radical Reward Charts

What are they?

Gruesome GraveyardRadical Reward Charts are charts that you buy once, and use often. They are designed with a 20 step progress route which you move up with a marker – this can be either a carrot, or a personalised mini-figure of your child. There are 6 collage designs to choose from, all of which incorporate an educational element – choose from Wacky Wildlife, Creepy Crawlies, Reedy River, Gruesome Graveyard, Grungy Garden and ‘Orrible Ocean. The charts are 30cm wide by 84 cm tall.

Three lovely mums – Beth, Katie and Emma – tested these charts, here are their thoughts:

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The Reef 2 – out in cinemas 25th October!

20131021-222143.jpgThe Reef 2: High Tide sees the return to the big screen of Pi and his friends. The loveable orange guppy is enjoying married bliss with Cordelia and Junior, their son, and holds an important position in the underwater community since defeating Troy, the shark bully. Life is good… until Troy returns. Having escaped from a Naval research facility where he was pumped with drugs and experimented upon, Troy and his friends arrive at the reef at low tide. They leave, vowing to return at high tide, sending Pi into a panic as he tries to gather support from his fellow reef inhabitants.

But their attention is diverted by a charismatic stranger – Ronny the dog shark – who wants to stage an underwater musical that will attract humans and thereby scare away the sharks. Pi fights against this idea and eventually decides to go it alone, before realising that it might just be better if they all work together…

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My progress – week 21

First stone off!

First stone off!

I hit an important milestone this week – click here to see my progress.

I’ve continued with the Harcombe Diet and am now in Phase 2. It’s not as strict as Phase 1, and introduces other food groups such as dairy. As described in my previous post, the rules are:

1. Do not eat processed food

2. Do not mix fats and carbohydrates at the same meal

3. Do not eat foods which cause your cravings (something you are able to work out from having followed Phase 1)

It’s also important to try and stick to 3 meals a day, eating in between only if you are genuinely hungry (turns out I am genuinely hungry a LOT – but I’m working on it…)

Caffeine and alcohol are still discouraged, but a small red wine with a meal now and then is allowed. I tried doing this, truly I tried, but a small glass became almost a bottle. Again, I’m working on it… Maybe abstinence is the key? Blimey, I just shuddered at that thought. Let’s not be so hasty.

My progress – weeks 18-20

20131010-225824.jpgIt’s literally been an up-and-down few weeks but the overall result is one I’m happy with – click here to see my progress over the past 3 weeks.

We had a short break in the Forest of Dean (beautiful place, another post on that to follow…) and on our return I started Phase 1 of the Harcombe Diet.

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